Wissenschaft sichtbar machen.

Making communication happen

Research and innovation is only furthered, if it gets noticed. This is our job. We do it with conferences, congresses and exhibitions, at the right time, with the right people.



Promoting exchange.

TUBS wants to enable networking and to encourage exchange; exchange between science and industry, ideas and markets, and above all, between people. With know-how and experience, we will find the right event framework with which to transfer your research topics into exhibition content. You concentrate on the specialized content – we look after the framework.



Establishing ties

Networking is our strong point. As a TU Berlin-daughter organization and independent company, with 10 years of business behind us, we have built a diverse network that bridges scientific, corporate, public, and events communities alike. We are also proud of the reliable network of partners and service-providers that we have within Berlin-Brandenburg. Let us work our network, and find the people and services you need for your communication!



Strengthening competencies

Good science needs excellent publicizing. Therefore, good science needs excellent marketeers. In our science marketing Masters program and our workshops, you will learn to master the marketing tools and instruments necessary for delivering a competitive edge to your institute in the science market.