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International Exchange

TU Berlin Summer University.

In 2015 the TU Berlin Summer University was launched by the TUBS GmbH. The TU Berlin Summer and Winter University offers a broad variety of academic short courses to international students, graduates and working professionals. The short courses include industry- and, business-relevant topics, from scientific, technical and arts disciplines, ranging from satellite building, Python programming, Innovation & Entrepreneurship to renewable energy management, 3-D printing and introducing the Berlin start-up world. With an emphasis on hands-on learning and interactive course elements, all courses combine theory and practice in a framework that encourages participants to gain new knowledge, competencies and abilities in the course field.

Furthermore, the TUBS GmbH organizes an accompanying cultural program which introduces Summer and Winter University participants to Berlin's diverse culture, sights and it's hotspots. Also city excursions to Leipzig, Potsdam and Dresden are offer.ed The varied cultural program is tailor made to fit in with all course timetables so everyone has a chance to explore Berlin’s history, arts and social scene.

The TU Berlin Summer University ethos is to provide a platform for the growth of international cooperation in education, particularly between higher-education institutes.  Thus the TU Berlin Summer University is engaged in forming partnerships with overseas universities, undertaking worldwide marketing activities  and providing excellent advice at the personal level to international candidates, on anything from course-choice, accommodation to visas. Offering several modes of communication, the TU Berlin Summer University keeps in contact with participants throughout, from offering support in the enrollment process, to keeping in touch as they enter the alumni network.

This standard of communication and marketing applies to all TU Berlin Summer School formats. Moreover, openness to customized course structures, and the creation of partial or shared projects, is an important part of the TU Berlin Summer University’s portfolio, as it encourages the collaboration of inter-disciplinary experts to create unique and outstanding courses.


TU Berlin Summer & Winter University

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